Coated Abrasives

Abrasive Paper Sheets

These are aluminium oxide waterproof and dry papers available in 9"x11" std. sizes and grit ranging from 80 grit to 3000 grit. These abrasive papers are electrocoated and available in silicon carbide, aluminium oxide. popular application includes auto body finishing, finishing of power coated components. The zinc serrated coating gives non loading features to the papers.

Abrasive Paper Velcro Disc/Psa Disc

These are abrasive paper and film back velcro disc/psa disc are majority used in auto car body finishing, used with orbital sanders availble in 6 inch 6 hole and 5 inch sizes. The main features of these disc is non loading property and specially coated grains gives higher life.

Buffing and polishing pads/polishing compound

Our buffing compound and pads are specially designed to give glossy finish to car body.epoxy coated surfaces, wooden laminated furnitures. Polishing compound is available in rubbing, exta gloss. Buffing pads are maid with austilian lamb wool and gives higher life and saves compound consumption.

Abrasive cloth rolls/belt/disc

Abrasive cloth rolls are available in different sizes and grit. These rolls are specially electrocoated, highly flexible rolls are available on request. Abrasive belts are available in all sizes and grit, zircon ceramic, composite grains.